Sunday, 11 May 2014

What is an "Intelligent Control System"?

Decan Sports Equipment are equipping their telescopic bleachers with a so-called "Intelligent Control System". "So what is so intelligent about it?" you might ask. Some key words when answering this question are: Programmable, Automatic Adjustment, Control, Precision, Smoothness, Reliability, User-friendliness, Aesthetics, Lower installation costs. Below you will find a short introduction to what makes this system so useful:

Why opt for the telescopic bleachers from Decan Sports Equipment:
The multi-motorized telescopic bleachers fabricated by Decan Sports Equipment are equipped with an intelligent control system which gives total control during the folding and opening operations. Your client will receive a smooth running telescopic bleacher where not only the overall speed is automatically adjusted, but if needed the speed of each individual motor are also immediately adjusted in correlation to the other motors to correct any type of discontinuous distribution of the modules during opening and closing of the bleacher. With other bleachers without this system the modules may open unevenly as the speed of the wheels are affected by uneven floor surface, small "bumps", differences in friction or similar.

The telescopic bleachers from Decan Sports Equipment are with this system also running smoother as the speed is gradually increased at the start and gradually reduced at the end of its trajectory, and in this way eliminating sharp and noisy stops and start-ups of the bleacher-unit. If the client would like to open only one or a few of the bleacher-rows, this can also be easily programmed and controlled through the user-friendly touch screen display. For any operation your client would like to perform, he will have total control and access to all the information he would possibly need. The screen will display everything from electricity consumption, speed and opening distance to safety indicators and alarm status. If required the bleacher can also be controlled from any computer or Smartphone with a web navigator and using determined directions and security password. Remote customer support service is also available.

Another very important factor which you and your client should be aware of is that the entire system is running at 220v. There is consequently no need for 380v installations in the facility where the bleacher will be used as the system is equipped with incorporated converters which transforms and optimizes the voltage and power which is needed by each individual motor. You and your client can by choosing the telescopic bleachers from Decan save large amounts of money as the electric installation work with corresponding cable length, time consumption etc.

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