Tuesday, 6 February 2018

New intelligent telescopic bleacher in Spain

Once again, Decan installs a new telescopic bleacher with intelligent control system in Spain. This bleacher is 25 m long, with 8 rows and a capacity of 360 spectators.

By choosing a bleacher with intelligent control system the user can via the touch screen decide on the number of rows he wants to open, and the system will
automatically carry this out.

This flexibility allows the user to adjust the number of seats according to the needed capacity for each event, or to free the space which is needed to carry out the different activities - until the bleacher is completely retracted at only 1.2m.

With a single touch on the screen all the parameters of the bleacher are shown and completely controlled, including the correct opening and closing of the rows which is verified and controlled through the intelligent system.

Thanks to the intelligent operation system from Decan and the smoothly running and functioning of the bleacher, without the “typical” noises and frictions that might be experienced with this type of products, our customer will enjoy the bleachers for many years to come.

To our valued client: Thank you for the trust given to DECAN !!

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